Friday, March 12, 2010

We're Approved (conditionally)!

So we're approved, but conditionally. This is because I'm unemployed and receiving unemployment compensation. It makes the whole situation a little bittersweet. Yay, we're home study approved; bummer we had to sign a document that says I'm looking for employment in the event my unemployment isn't extended and that we're not going to incur anymore debt. And, we may also have to submit an updated financial report before a baby is placed with us. On a positive note, I'm already looking for work and Chris has reduced the interest rate on his credit cards so that's a good thing. Intellectually I understand that it's incumbent upon the agency to make sure that we can provide for a new baby. Emotionally it makes me angry. Angry because if I were some 20 year old college student who had gotten drunk at a party, hooked up with some guy and found myself pregnant, no one would be questioning my employment opportunities. I'll get over it. It will take a minute or two, but it will happen.

On a happier note, I've ordered and received my gDiapers! They're adorable. I can't believe we're going to have a baby small enough to fit them :) I've also ordered a Moby wrap so that we can wear the baby and facilitate attachment and bonding. So far we have a diaper bag, diapers, and soon, the Moby wrap. We still need a stroller, car seat, play yard, and some clothes for bringing home baby. A friend is donating a crib so we're all set there.

We're almost officially waiting!

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