Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 Weeks Old Today!

Sammy is 8 weeks old today and will be 2 months next Monday! I can't believe so much time has passed. Time sure flies when you're busy feeding, burping, diapering, and changing a baby 'round the clock. This afternoon Sammy peed through his diaper while he was on my lap, after having a stellar poop, and then he vomited on himself and down my shirt. All I could do was laugh. I know it sounds crazy, but what could I do but laugh, kiss his chubby cheeks, and go upstairs to change both of us. He's starting to coo and smile when he sees me or I talk to him. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world. I love him so much! He's a dream come true! Of all of the "dreams" I've had - traveling to Europe, running my own company, becoming a mom - the only dream I couldn't let pass me by was becoming a mother. I'm sure I'll get to Europe and I may even start my own business someday, but I wanted to be a mother now. I feel like I'd waited long enough; I married young, divorced young, had life adventures, found new love, and remarried. Now was the time and then I didn't get pregnant as planned. Hello adoption! Adoption was always an option for creating a family but I didn't think it would be my only choice. I'm so glad we found our agency and the process worked out pretty smoothly. All of this is to say that Sammy is the perfect baby for us because we were chosen by his first mother. We never got a definitive answer regarding why she chose our profile but I'm glad she did! Without her I couldn't have had the best 8 weeks of my life. And with that I'm sure that Sam's first mom has had the most difficult 8 weeks of her life. 


Debbie B said...

Bittersweet watching them grow knowing that their first mom's aren't getting to experience it.

Glad you're laughing and enjoying even the messy parts of motherhood.

Eva said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. I am right behind you as my little on was born on 5.17. It's magical, isn't it?

Sweet Patience said...

Congratulations on making it through 8 weeks! So exciting. I feel you on doing everything else but not having the motherhood thing yet. I have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish goals wise (academically, successful career, owning my own home, owning my own business, traveling, etc) with the exception of the parenthood. With all of that said, you can have all of those other things in the world and still be missing a piece of life to make things complete, which is parenthood.
We are almost there. Congratulations again! I truly understand where you are coming from! Continue to enjoy all of

Contumacy Singh said...

You are my hero (and I'm sure Sammy's as well). :D