Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Countdown to Final Home study

Hi All!

Our final home study is tomorrow! Yikes is all I can say. We've been painting (fire place), cleaning, spraying, and decluttering like mad :) We're both pretty pooped but there's still a little left to do. It's just vacuuming, dish washing, and dusting. I'm also going to bake pumpkin muffins for tomorrow. E, our SW, is arriving at 11:00 so I thought I should have a snack ready just in case. I should have purchased a baked good to save myself a little time, but the day got away from me. It's an easy muffin recipe and shouldn't take long to whip up and bake. I just realized I've been so preoccupied with getting the house in shape that I haven't thought of what to wear. Yikes again. I'm trying to get done by 9:00 so that I can take a break and watch American Idol. LOL

Is it me or does everyone go through this cleaning, decorating, making it just so craziness for the in-home study? I'll keep you all posted on how it went.



Contumacy Singh said...

I bet most people go through the craziness. ;)

Sweet Patience said...

Yes, we do go through the craziness! You are not alone. I had my house keeper come the day before the home study and I baked cookies in the oven prior to our SW coming and I had cookie scented candles going! In the end, they are really just wanting to know if you are mentally, financially and emotionally able to take care of a child in your home.
I can't wait to hear how things went. Glad to see you blogging!