Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home Study Prep

Hey All! Our Thu home study has been rescheduled due to the 3rd blizzard of the winter. We're tentatively rescheduled for this Fri, but given Philly is shut down tomorrow (Thu) it's not looking good for Fri either. If we have to move our meeting to next week, that will be good for us. We can use the extra prep time. We were already in the process of de-cluttering the house but the adoption process has given us more incentive to get it done quicker. Doesn't it just blow that potential adoptive parents have to make sure their how is "presentable" when others can get knocked up and not give the cleanliness of their home another thought? It sucks but I'm happy to do it if means I can finally become a mom.

Anyhoo, one of our projects was painting the fireplace and a section of adjoining wall. Mind you, we started our painting project two years ago when we bought the house. Somehow the fireplace, wall, and baseboard trim failed to be painted :) I know the reason we didn't work on the fireplace was because of all of the time it took to prime and paint - 3 hrs, but worth it in the end.


AFTER - the wall is a mustard yellow and the brick is a terra cotta color.


Debbie B said...

Hi, welcome to blog world and the joys of open adoption and waiting.

The fireplace looks great. Hope you were able to have your home study today.

joyce said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks for the welcome. I'm a follower of you and Belle. Our home study was postponed until 2/18 - tomorrow! Yikes!

Sweet Patience said...

I love the painting that you did to your fireplace wall and the bricks! I found that doing little decorating projects around the home definitely helped throughout this process.

joyce said...

Thanks SP!