Monday, December 13, 2010

Seasons Greetings (and free cards) from Shutterfly!

 I’m so excited for this holiday season because I get to share it with Chris and our sweet baby boy Sammy! In the past, I’ve purchased holiday cards that were nice but not necessarily personal. I always envied my friends that sent photo Christmas cards with pictures of them and/or their children. Well, this year I get to send a photo holiday card too! Shutterfly had a sweet promotion for bloggers to earn 50 free holiday cards just for checking out and writing about their 2010 collection. So, out of 300+ flat and folded holiday cards, here are the ones that I liked the best:

Retro Love
Coco Snow Flurries

Flourish Elegance

Scrapbook Style

I wanted a card that was a little less traditional looking in either color or style, which is why I choose the above four cards. I really loved the colors and imagery of them all, but we decided to go with the Snow Flurries Coco Christmas card. This is the perfect card for us because we’ve taken so many pictures of Sammy that we want to share with family and friends who haven’t seen him since he was three or four months old and now he’s a big boy at seven months. We will probably include a family picture of us and two of Sammy. Unfortunately, this promotion is now closed. But don't despair, they have tons of other great products which I'm eager to use in the coming year. I'm particularly interested in getting birthday calendars made from his first year in photos, for the grandparents, aunts, and uncles. I’ve photographed him each month with his favorite toy to show how much he’s grown and it will be pretty cool to put them all together in either a desk or wall calendar. And speaking of Sammy’s birthday, I suspect there will be much celebrating and I can hardly wait to pick out invitations. I mean really, how cute is this?

12 Months

Happy Holidays everyone!

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