Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Follow Up/Update

So, we met with E our social worker for a follow-up meeting. She reinforced that we'd done a good job at the first meeting but there were a few things we said that were inappropriate - talking about the hospital plan and asking to take a picture afterward. The hospital plan info should have come from K, eMom's social worker, at a later date. As for the picture, that's a bit of a no-no at a first meeting, but given the possibility that we may not have much, if any contact after the placement, we're happy to have the photo. E also talked with us a little about what we should/should not do in the hospital. Things like deferring to eMom if hospital personnel have questions about the baby and not picking the baby up without asking eMom first, if the baby is in her room. Pretty basic stuff and things we wouldn't do anyway :)

At this point we're just anxious. eMom is due two weeks from today (4/20)! According to E, she's stopped working so she's able to rest up and spend time with her little ones. There is one thing troubling us; eMom was supposed to have a doctors appointment last Friday at the hospital clinic. We found out today that she didn't make the appointment and had no plans for further check-ups or hospital visits until she's in labor. Hmmm! WTH! At this point in her pregnancy she should see the doctor every week to check on dilation, blood pressure, and urine. She could have preeclampsia (hypertension in pregnancy), which is dangerous for her and the baby, and be totally unaware. As far as we know, she hasn't suffered from this in the past but every pregnancy is different. Of course, since she's had two previous healthy pregnancies she may not be concerned. We, on the other hand, don't know what to make of this. All we can do at this point, is carry on with our daily routines, keep our phones charged and near us and hope that she moves forward with the adoption plan.



Eva said...

Wow. I am routing for you. You go girl. April 20th! That doesn't give you too much time. Enjoy!

joyce said...

Thanks E! I'm trying to enjoy the time but I feel like an expectant father, just waiting for the call :)

Sweet Patience said...

At least you had a great follow up meeting with your SW. Well maybe your SW should have advised you all before the first meeting of do's and don'ts, you know what I mean. At least all is well.

I don't know what take of the E-mom not going to follow up appointments, being a medical professional, that concerns me a bit too because everything effects the baby as well. It will all be over soon since she is due in two weeks. You will be busy nesting and preparing for the baby's arrival over the next two weeks, so hopefully your mind will not be consumed with the other little issues.
Best Wishes and happy nesting and shopping!