Monday, May 3, 2010


Tomorrow, or more accurately, 21 minutes from now (11:39p EST) is eMom's due date! I can hardly believe the day is almost here. I'm sure eMom can hardly wait for the delivery to happen. The last report we had from E was that eMom was really tired and really uncomfortable. Throw in a few days of 80+ degree weather, plus two little ones and you're looking at a potential meltdown - no pun intended.

Parenthood is so close, I can almost taste it. Of course I'm still aware that this isn't our baby until eMom says so, but I'm trying to remain focused on a positive outcome. Since I didn't get any cleaning done this past weekend, tomorrow is the perfect day to take care of things. I know I'll need a lot of activities to keep me distracted. Who knows, maybe I'll go out to lunch with a friend. In the meantime, I should probably try and get a little shut eye so that I can be prepared for whatever happens tomorrow!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a timely, speedy, and healthy delivery!


Maura said...

Good luck Joyce!! You and your growing family will be in our prayers today. I hope everything goes flawlessly!!

joyce said...

Thanks Maura. So far, we don't have any news :( but the day is still young.

Sweet Patience said...

Joyce, You are in our prayers!
We hope that all goes well with the delivery and that everything goes as planned with your placement! So excited for you! Has it been 2 weeks already! Wow!

joyce said...

Thanks SP. Yup, it's hard to believe we made it through two weeks. eMom says her lucky number is five, so maybe tomorrow will be the day - 5/5/10.

Eva said...

On pins and needles. Can't wait to hear the update! Good luck!

joyce said...

Hi Eva,

Thanks. So far it's bupkiss on the baby :) We'll see what tomorrow brings.