Saturday, May 1, 2010

All about me

It's three days until the big event, that is, unless eMom delivers tonight. I think the waiting is wearing me out, making me very lethargic. There are household chores to do but all i want to do is take a nap. Maybe it's the heat. The temp is 89 degrees here in Philly. I haven't felt this anxious about anything in a very, very long time. I don't know what's worse: waiting for eMom to deliver the baby or thinking about her not going forward with the plan. I'm trying to be upbeat, positive, and realistic about the possibility of a disruption. But every time the phone rings my heart starts being fast and I'm hoping to see E's cell phone number in the caller ID. I also just read the Sandra Bullock article in People magazine and felt so happy for her regarding her recent adoption. It reaffirmed, as do the blogs I read, that adoption plans really do work and couples become families. I can't wait to meet eMom's baby, our baby. I daydream about holding and smelling that newborn baby smell. You know what I mean :)

I need a snack to distract myself. Maybe chocolate will help. As always, I'll keep you posted the minute we have news.


Eva said...

You go girl! Can't wait to hear the news. What's going on?

Sweet Patience said...

It is getting closer! Keep nesting to keep yourself busy. Once your baby arrives home you will have enough on your hands to keep you busy with his arrival! This has to be so exciting and I am sure that you are on pins and needles as well.

joyce said...

@Eva, SP - i am very excited, but this waiting is wearing me down, down, down! i'm holding on though and sending positive vibes for tomorrow :)