Saturday, May 8, 2010

Due Date Update

You won't believe this! While we were out at dinner I checked my home phone's voice mail and eMom's social worker left us a message. eMom had a doctor's appointment today and found out that the doc made a mistake on her chart. She's due May 24th not May 4th! Can you believe this? I know things like this happen but it's a whole different ballgame when you're on the adoptive end of things.

Of course this means that she can still go at any time between now and then, but at least she's not overdue. And this gives us a little more breathing room and relieves a little bit of the stress.


Eva said...

That sounds a little odd. How often does the doctor make a mistake on the due date. Well, thanks for the update. I hope the rest of the month goes smoothly for you. I will be checking in. xo

joyce said...

very true. we don't know if he or someone else input the wrong date. it sucks for eMom too because she stopped working two weeks ago in anticipation of the delivery date. at least we can look forward to eMom possibly going early :)

Sweet Patience said...

Look at it this way, this gives you two more weeks to really have things in place like you want them to be, as much as possible. When the little one arrives, it will be all about him!